Demolition Services Bainbridge, IN

We are a demolition company that prides itself on demolishing buildings efficiently and safely.

Whether you need to remove a house on your property so you can start new construction or demolish commercial buildings, you can count on us to get the job done safely and on schedule.

Please contact us with any additional questions you may have regarding our demolition excavation services. We are ready and waiting to inform you!

Commercial Demolition

Our commercial demolition contractors are able to demolish commercial buildings up to two stories high. We understand that you’re on a deadline, which is why our building demolition contractors work efficiently, yet safely. We have a range of demolition equipment at our disposal to get the job done.

Our demolition contractors carefully plan how to demolish your building based on its structure and other contributing factors. Whether you want to build an expansion to your commercial building or remove a building entirely, you can count on our expertise of demolition safety for a secure job site.

Residential Demolition

If you wish to build a home in a certain area, you may need to demolish the house that’s already there so you can build your dream home. This is often the case for people who want to build mansions in affluent areas that have already been developed.

Other people may decide to demolish a house when the cost of repairs exceeds the value of the house. For example, for many old homes it would cost the homeowner more to update old plumbing and electrical work than it would to simply rebuild. If there is damage to the house’s foundation, the home may even be declared unsafe.

To sum up, you may need to demolish a house for the following reasons:

  • repairs needed for old home are too expensive
  • cost of repairs exceeds value of home
  • you wish to build a custom home in an area that’s already developed
  • house is declared unsafe

McCullough Excavating is a building demolition company that takes every precaution to safely demolish residential and commercial buildings. If you are interested in our demolition services, be sure to give us a call at (765) 386-6514 .