Dredging Services Bainbridge, IN

Every so often, you’ll need to remove sediment from the bottoms of private or public lakes, ponds, and reservoirs to prevent too much sand and silt from building up downstream. While dredging and silt removal are commonly used to make sure large boats don’t scrape along the bottom of harbors, they can also be used to maintain ponds and lakes.

We are a dredging and silt removal company dedicated to helping customers keep waterways clear for people and wildlife. We use the “one step” excavation method for the dredging process, which is preferred by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Clear out Debris

Mechanical dredging is a process in which we scoop out sediment, including mud, weeds, and trash from the bottoms of lakes and ponds. (We charge by the physical cubic yard of silt removed.) We are then able to deposit that sediment at your dump site, which can be a farm field with an erosion fence surrounding it. The federal government requires we have a permit to dump sediment, which means you can trust us to deposit dredged up sediment in a way that won’t negatively impact the environment.

Increase Pond Size

Dredging and silt removal allows you to increase the size of your pond so it can attract and support more wildlife. It’s important to understand that dredging temporarily disturbs the aquatic environment, which can affect your pond’s ecological balance. Make sure you consult with our pond dredging contractors so you understand the full consequences of pond dredging.

Prevent Water Erosion

To prevent erosion along waterways, you’ll need to install riprap along the edges. Riprap is usually slabs of limestone. We charge by the ton to place riprap.

McCullough Excavating is a silt removal and dredging company dedicated to helping customers keep waterways clear. If you are interested in our mechanical dredging services, our silt removal services, or any of our other excavation services, please call our excavating contractors at (765) 386-6514.