Dredging Lakes in Bainbridge, IN

Boats drag in sediment, decreasing the depth of your harbor over time. This is why dredging is often a vital component of aquatic management. Not only does dredging increase the depths of lakes, but it allows boats to pass through and support local economies. Our dredging contractors understand this and will be more than happy to help you restore your lake.

Continue reading to learn how lake dredging works and what you can expect when our contractors arrive at your site. Our company uses the “one step” excavation method for dredging, which is preferred by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

How Lake Dredging Works

We use powerful mechanical dredges to scoop up gravel, rocks, and muck from the bottoms of lakes. Depending on the size of your lake, we may work from the shore or from our barge. We also have a long-reach excavator that lets us work even farther from the shore or barge. This allows us to target specific areas of your lake for dredging.

Each bucketload of debris goes into one of our dump trucks on site. Once a truck is full, we’ll transport it to another site so the dredged material can be disposed of or reused. Dredged material can often be reused for landfill caps, mine reclamation, or even topsoil.

Keep in mind that we can’t reuse dredged material if it’s contaminated. Sometimes, contaminants can be trapped within the topmost layer of lake sediment. This is why our lake dredging contractors make sure each truckload of debris is disposed of properly. That way, these contaminants won’t find their way back into the environment. We have a permit from the federal government to dump sediment, giving you peace of mind.

We charge by the physical cubic yard of dredged material removed. Call today to request a quote from our lake dredging contractors in Bainbridge, IN.

Benefits of Installing Riprap

Riprap is ground cover that’s typically made of slabs of limestone. We may recommend installing riprap along the edges of your lake to prevent erosion from waves over time. If you’ve lost natural vegetation that used to stabilize the shoreline, you may also want to consider riprap. Yet, we won’t be able to place riprap if the underlying soil is unstable.

We charge by the ton to place riprap. If you’re interested in installing riprap, let our dredging contractors know so they can include these costs in your quote. The more information you have at the start of the project, the better prepared you’ll be to restore the appearance and function of your lake. Don’t hesitate to call us with any questions you might have about lake dredging.

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Our lake dredging contractors in Bainbridge, IN would be more than happy to thoroughly answer any questions you might have. After all, they want to make sure you have all the facts you need to make an informed decision for your property. To request a quote for lake dredging, call McCullough Excavating & Silt Removal at (765) 386-6514. We look forward to hearing from you soon!