Snow Removal Services in Bainbridge, IN

We are a snow removal company that never underestimates Indiana winters.

Our crew can be up at the crack of dawn to make sure snow is removed from your paved surface before you have to head out to work or open doors for business. Our snow removal crew uses commercial snow plows to remove the snow from your paved surface so that you will not have to worry about any other equipment or machinery damaging your asphalt or concrete pavement.

We work around your schedule, so you tell us when it’s convenient to have your parking lot cleared. You also control how much snow is allowed to accumulate before we plow.

Commercial Snow Removal

As a commercial property owner, it’s your responsibility to make sure your parking lot is free of snow. Before the first snowfall, we’ll meet with you to discuss your specific commercial snow plowing needs. For example, one of the things we’ll discuss is snow pile locations that won’t inconvenience your business. Our commercial snow removal contractors have experience working with a wide variety of businesses.

McCullough Excavating is a snow removal company dedicated to helping commercial property owners keep pavement clear. If you are interested in our snow removal services, give our snow plow company a call at (765) 386-6514.