About McCullough Excavating

Our History

After college, I went to work for my brother for 3 yrs excavating. I felt like I could try it on my own at the age of 25 in 2004.

When I started we built houses, company name was McCullough Homes. I had gained the experience in college to work on residential properties. Most of our work was around Heritage Lake, Coatesville, IN. In 2008 we transpired over to McCullough Excavating. By that time we had several pieces of equipment including a barge to maintain Heritage Lake. Since 2008 we have grown to a business with 15+ employees and 3 companies.

We have done dredging and placed Rip Rap on Rocky Fork Lake, Giest Reservoir, Morse Reservoir, Sweetwater Lake, Heritage Lake, Nollin Lake in KY and Lake Holiday. Working for local communities and large companies like Citizens Energy. We still work on road projects, demolish buildings, work for residential contractors, and have a fleet of dump trucks and lowboy’s.

Contact Us

8795 E US Highway 36 Coatesville, IN 46121

(765) 386-2885