Dredging or silt removal is very important to the life of your lake or pond.  We have the capabilities to remove sediment by barge or land.

We have been mechanical dredging since 2008. We have acquired 3 barges, a long reach excavator, and 4 tracked dump trucks. We have done work on Lake Holiday in Crawfordsville, Lake Santee in Greensburg, Nolin Lake, KY, Giest reservoir, Morse reservoir, Heritage Lake, Lake Holiday Hideaway in Kingman, Rocky Fork lake, Amazon lake and many more to come. We also actively service Illinois, Michigan, Ohio and Kentucky, specializing in 10+ acre lakes.

Shoreline stabilization is done much easier from our barges when accessibility is an issue.

Permitting is not difficult using our one-step method.  This is preferred by the army corps of engineers.

We encourage maintenance programs on all lakes.  Feel free to call our office to schedule an appointment to review your Lake dredging.

Dredging at Lake Lorelei

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Dredging at Broad Ripple Canal

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