Commercial Septic

We are certified to install any commercial septic systems in rural areas

If you live in a rural area, you may need to invest in a new septic system so wastewater from your home has somewhere to go. When your nearest neighbor is miles away, there often isn’t a centralized sewer system.

Septic tanks are responsible for treating the wastewater that comes from your bathrooms, laundry room, and kitchen.

We are a IOWPA certified septic system installation company that can help you manage wastewater.

We install septics including ATL’s, Sand mounds, presby’s, chambers, conventional, duplex trough quadplex systems and lift stations.

The septic system installation contractors at McCullough Excavating are dedicated to producing quality results for our customers through quality septic tank services as well as other excavating services. If you are interested in our septic system installation services, give us a call at (765) 386-6514.

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