Are you having a hard time attracting tenants for your commercial building? Is your commercial space too big or small for the local market? These types of questions can help you decide if commercial demolition is the right choice for your property. While demolition and rebuilding may have a higher initial cost that remodeling, it has more long-term benefits.

Continue reading to learn how our demolition services at McCullough Excavating can help you save money in the long run. For more information, we recommend contacting a demolition company near you.

1. Run-Down Properties Need Endless Repairs

Over time, buildings can start to get run-down. While we understand you may want to preserve buildings for as long as possible, eventually there comes a point where it makes more financial sense to start from scratch. The cost of constant (and expensive) repairs can exceed demolition costs.

When a building is eating up more than its fair share of your budget, you may want to consider building demolition. For example, a crumbling foundation may cost you more money to repair than if you just demolished the building and started fresh. Keep in mind that run-down properties also make it difficult for you to attract and keep quality tenants, which affects your profits in the long term.

2. Asbestos Complicates Remodeling

Asbestos can seriously complicate remodeling projects. Before asbestos exposure was linked to lung disease, it was used in vinyl floor tiles, plaster, fiber cement siding, and even paint. Asbestos was used in a lot of homes and commercial buildings built before 1980.

Once asbestos is disturbed, it becomes airborne and can be breathed into the lungs. Instead of paying for a complex remodeling project, you may be better off just hiring demolition contractors and making plans to rebuild.

Since you’ll need to have your building inspected for asbestos, as well as other health hazards like mold or lead paint, you’ll want to hire a local demolition contractor who has experience with similar demolition jobs. Whether you are interested in partial or complete demolition, you’ll need to make sure the company you hire has qualified workers.

3. Commercial Space Isn’t Functional

Many developers choose to demolish buildings so the space is more functional for future tenants. For example, you may want to make room for a larger parking lot. Other developers may want higher ceilings to accommodate future tenants. The more functional the commercial space, the more tenants you’ll be able to attract. The demolition work should be done by a commercial demolition contractor who has the experience and licensing to manage a safe demolition site.

Is your commercial building oversized or undersized for its local economy? If your business has been successful, you may want to think about expanding. Many business owners decide to demolish old structures to make room for what will be a larger building to better serve the needs of their customers.

When you’re able to create the building you want, you end up saving money in the long run by being able to attract quality tenants and charging higher rents. After industrial demolition, a new building will help you attract tenants so you don’t have any empty spaces.

The Bainbridge demolition contractors at McCullough Excavating work hard to efficiently and safely demolish commercial buildings. We are also proud to offer a range of services that include house demolition and concrete removal. If you are interested in any of our demolition services, give us a call at (765) 386-6514.