While you may already know all about the negative environmental impact of dredging, did you know dredging also has its benefits?

Not only is dredging important for maintaining harbors and shipping routes, but dredging services are also used to restore private lakes and reservoirs. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of dredging.

For more information on a dredging project you have in mind, contact a qualified lake dredging company in your area.

Clear Waterways for Boats

In order to maintain harbors and shipping routes, it’s necessary to remove silt from lakes so ships can safely pass without scraping the bottom. A functional harbor can mean the difference between a thriving economy and just another struggling coastal town.

Nowadays, consumers are also looking for affordable products. To accommodate the demand for more products at lower prices, bigger boats are being used to transport cargo. In this type of situation, silt removal in harbors is needed so bigger ships can pass through.

Increase Summer Tourism

Dredging for beach reclamation can reduce the effects of shoreline erosion for wildlife and humans. Every year, thousands of Americans heed the siren call of the beach and flock to coastal towns. Unfortunately, water erosion can eat away at shorelines until there isn’t enough beach sand to form attractive coastlines.

Restore Aquatic Environments

Dredging can carve out the sides of ponds, reservoirs, and lakes to create a larger aquatic habitat for local plants and animals. If the dredged silt isn’t contaminated, a lake dredging contractor can use this material to restore aquatic environments for wildlife. For example, silt can be deposited in wetlands to promote native plant growth.

Mine Reclamation

After mining activities are done in an area, the land needs to be restored so it can support plants and animals again. The silt dredged from the bottoms of lakes and ponds can be mixed with clay, sand, compost, manure, and other materials to create rich topsoil. Topsoil creates the perfect environment for native plants to take root after mining activities. A dredging and silt removal contractor can provide the materials you need to restore natural landscapes.

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