It’s the American dream to become a homeowner. However, you may need to demolish a house to make room for your dream home. If you wish to live in a specific neighborhood, there may not be as many opportunities to buy a home. If you don’t see any homes you like, you may want to buy a house for the land it sits on. Later, you’ll be able to demolish the house and build what you want.

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Below, we list our top five reasons why you may need to tear down a house.

1.) Repairs are too expensive.

If the cost of repairs is too expensive, you may want to think about whether the house is worth salvaging. In many cases, a house that has been declared unsafe is demolished to make room for new construction. If you choose to demolish a house and rebuild, you’ll need a company who specializes in residential demolition.

The cost to demolish a house may be less than what it would take to repair a condemned structure so it can be livable again. Many people choose to tear down houses when repairs are too expensive.

2.) Cost of repairs exceeds value of home.

Once a home has fallen into extreme disrepair, the house may even decrease the value of the property. There also comes a point when the cost of repairs exceeds the value of the home. If this is the case, you may be better off cutting your losses and building a new home entirely. You may also choose to sell a property after demolition (without rebuilding) to attract buyers interested in building their own custom homes.

3.) You need land for building a custom home.

One of the biggest difficulties of building a custom home is finding suitable land for what you have in mind. What a lot of people do is buy properties that already have houses on them. They then demolish houses to make room for their custom homes.

Residential demolition is a common tactic people use when they wish to build custom homes in affluent neighborhoods that have already been developed. If this is your plan, we recommend hiring a demolition contractor with experience in clearing land and demolishing residential buildings.

4.) House is declared unsafe.

If a house has been declared “uninhabitable” you won’t be able to live there without making significant repairs. Most homes are condemned and seized by the government when they fall into a significant state of disrepair that makes living there unsafe.

It’s not uncommon for people to buy condemned properties with the intent of demolishing the existing houses and building something new. Condemned houses are sold at a deep discount, which is lucrative for people looking for land to build on.

5.) House is infested with animals and insects.

If neglected, houses can become infested with rats, termites, bees, and other opportunistic critters. If you discover your house is infested with animals or insects, your first call should be to an exterminator. If the problem is severe, you may need to call a residential demolition contractor near you.

A house infested with pests is not only an inconvenience, but a health hazard. For example, rodent droppings make a kitchen unsanitary and unsafe for preparing food. Rats can also carry diseases, such as rabies, that can create dangerous living conditions. For severe infestations, you may be better off cutting your losses with house demolition than trying to redeem a condemned structure.

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