What do excavating contractors do, besides excavate? The answer is a lot. Our excavating contractors also prepare job sites and operate heavy equipment. Continue reading to learn what to expect when you hire one of our excavating contractors. We’ll also explain how we compete with other companies for your business.

Prepare Job Sites

Building a house? If so, one of your first steps will be to have surveyors mark off the boundary lines of the house and lot. From there, our excavating contractors will start removing the soil for the foundation. Our excavating contractors in Bainbridge, IN are thorough, testing the soil’s firmness. We are also able to compact the soil if it isn’t yet firm enough to support a house.

We excavate foundations to a high degree of precision. To make sure the grade meets the surveyor’s exact specifications, we use a level and transit. Once the other contractors pour the concrete foundation, we fill in soil around it.

Work With Other Contractors

We understand that building a house or dredging a lake is a big undertaking. As a result, all our employees know how to communicate well with other contractors. We’ll also keep you in the loop so you always know what’s happening with your project. Our excavating contractors pride themselves on excellent customer service.

Move Dirt, Sand, and Silt

We don’t just move dirt. Our excavating contractors are also able to dredge ponds, rivers, and lakes. When boats come into a harbor, they drag in sand and silt. Our dredging contractors are able to use heavy equipment to scoop out the sediment. We also own our own barge so our equipment can reach farther out over the water. In fact, we’ve used this barge on several occasions to dredge Heritage Lake.

We’re able to scoop out muck, sediment, and even litter to increase the depth of lakes, ponds, and rivers. Without dredging, water continues to rise until it erodes most of the shoreline. Dredging removes sediment buildup so water has a place to go. Otherwise, the rate of erosion will increase with rising water levels. Call our dredging contractors today!

Operate Heavy Equipment

When you hire a company, you want to make sure they own their own heavy equipment. Otherwise, the cost of renting equipment will get passed onto you. We have a fleet of dump trucks and lowboy trailers, which helps keep our costs stable. Our excavating contractors understand how to use heavy equipment for the greatest productivity.

Submit Competitive Bids and Offers

We always try to provide the best value to the customer. In fact, the health of our business depends on being able to submit competitive bids and offers. Our excavating contractors have dredged ponds, dug foundations, and worked on other projects. Due to this, we’re confident that we’ll be able to handle your project no matter the size.

We offer the following excavation services:

  • Land clearing
  • Demolition
  • Site work
  • Grading
  • Foundations
  • Shoreline stabilization
  • Storm drainage
  • Dredging

Our excavating contractors in Bainbridge, IN work hard to earn your business. To request a quote, call McCullough Excavating & Silt Removal at (765) 386-6514.