Aren’t sure if you need septic tank installation? You may need to install a septic tank for rural land that’s too far away to connect to a central sewer system. Our experienced excavators make sure that your installation process goes smoothly.

septic tank system is responsible for treating and disposing wastewater from your house. Our septic tank contractors can make sure you have the right system for the capacity you need. Call us today if you have need of a new septic tank or have any additional questions.

Septic Tank Installation Information

If you’re not sure whether you already have a septic system, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you use well water?
  • Do your neighbors have a septic system?
  • Are you not charged for sewer services? (Check property tax or water bills.)
  • Do you not have a meter on your waterline?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you most likely have a septic tank on your property. Not sure where your septic tank is located? Look for lids or manhole covers in your yard. Our septic tank contractors can also take a look if you’re unsure.

Obtain Permits

You’ll need to obtain permits from the county or city before moving forward with septic tank installation. Otherwise, you could be forced to remove the septic tank system and pay big fines. Fortunately, our septic tank contractors do the work of getting the necessary permits for you, giving you peace of mind.

The reason you need a permit before installing a septic tank is because of the risk to the environment if it’s done improperly. The leach field needs to match the soil conditions on your property to ensure wastewater doesn’t flood your yard or contaminate local water supplies.

Survey Property

Your new septic tank will need to comply with the local zoning ordinance. We’ll make sure that your septic tank is installed the correct distance from any buildings or property lines. Our septic tank contractors will also perform topography surveys of your property before creating a blueprint and project plan.

The leach field is responsible for filtering wastewater once it’s been pretreated by the septic tank. As the water seeps downwards toward the water table, it’s filtered by sand and gravel so it’s safe for the environment.

Prepare Site for Septic Tank

Our septic tank contractors will bring in sand and gravel for your leach field so pre-treated wastewater can slowly filter through before entering the water table. We make sure everything complies with the local zoning ordinance before excavating the site.

Install the Septic Tank System

Before we can install fixtures, we need to first lay out the plumbing so it’s ready to go. One of the first things we’ll do during this phase is install the drain from the house leading to your new septic tank. While we won’t be able to connect this drain until later, we’ll make sure that it’s installed at the correct angle so gravity forces wastewater down into the septic tank.

Your septic tank system depends on the natural forces of gravity to work. If you have a basement bathroom, we’ll need to install a sewage sump pump to force water toward the surface where it can be led down into the septic tank.

Once the septic tank is installed, it’ll be connected to the plumbing. We’ll then test the septic tank system to ensure it’s working properly. Once the septic tank system is installed, it’ll be your responsibility to keep up on maintenance and repairs.

We are certified by IOWPA for septic tank installation. To request your quote for septic tank installation, call McCullough Excavating & Silt Removal at (765) 386-6514.