Dredging and muck removal are necessary for lake maintenance. Not only does dredging keep small lakes beautiful for residents and tourists, but it stops beach erosion. Over time, water erodes shorelines until you lose sandy beaches, tourist destinations, and important ecosystems for wildlife. Continue reading to learn how dredging stops beach erosion. If you need to schedule dredging for a small lake, call a company that specializes in lake management.

What is beach erosion?

Water is one of the most powerful forces on the planet. Over time, water removes sediment along the edges of ponds, lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water. If you are dealing with beach erosion, your first call should be to a local dredging company. The longer you wait to start dredging, the more shoreline you could lose. If your local economy depends on sandy beaches for summer tourism, the last thing you want is for there to be less shoreline than there was last year.

Noticeable erosion can happen within a year or gradually over time. For example, flooding from a storm can quickly erode your shoreline. Likewise, wave action can gently wear away at the shoreline over the course of several years. Once you lose beach grasses and other vegetation, there won’t be any roots holding the earth in place.

How do dredging companies stop erosion?

We are able to scoop out sediment, muck, and even litter to increase the depth of your lake. Without lake dredging, water will continue to rise until it erodes most of your shoreline. Dredging removes sediment buildup so water has a place to go. Otherwise, the rate of erosion will increase with rising water levels.

Dredging companies are able to create gentle slopes leading to the water. These gentle slopes create more of a natural shoreline designed to better withstand the impact of constant waves. If you allow the natural shoreline to erode, you’ll be left with a steep slope. Steep slopes are more vulnerable to erosion because they are more exposed to crashing waves. Sand dredging stops erosion by removing excess sediment and other debris on the bottom of lakes.

We are able to place rip rap in large and small quantities, even in tight coves. If you haven’t been able to restore natural vegetation to stabilize the shoreline, you may want to consider installing rip rap stone. Sloped rip rap rock prevents erosion caused by waves and creates habitats for wildlife. Keep in mind that rip rap stone can only be installed on shorelines where the soil underneath is stable.

How often should I schedule lake dredging?

How often a body of water needs dredging will depend on the rate of erosion. If you are unsure whether you should schedule dredging, call a company that specializes in erosion control. The sooner you call our office, the sooner you can stop lake erosion before it’s too late.

In general, man-made lakes need dredging more often than natural ones. This is because man-made lakes are often made by creating dams. The unnatural stillness of the water increases the likelihood of sediment building up on the bottom of the lake over time. In other words, a man-made lake can turn into a wetland without dredging and other erosion control measures.

Our Bainbridge dredging company is dedicated to helping customers just like you maintain beautifully clear lakes. We are proud to offer our dredging and silt removal services to homeowners and commercial property owners. To schedule a time for lake dredging, call McCullough Excavating at (765) 386-6514.