The water depth in your lake determines what types of recreational activities are possible, affecting tourism. If you are responsible for maintaining a lake, it’s important that you invest in dredging ever so often. Our experienced excavators will make sure that the dredging process is done properly.

Otherwise, the silt will build up at the bottom of the lake and make it difficult for boats to pass. Lake dredging can help keep tourism alive in your community, as well as protect environments for local wildlife.

Continue reading to learn why we recommend sand dredging for lakes, ponds, and other bodies of water. Our dredging contractors work hard to earn your business by providing the services you need to maintain local waterways.

Benefits of Sand Dredging

Increase Water Depth for Boats

A lake is only functional for water sports as long as boats are able to pass. Over time, boats drag in enough sand and silt to actually reduce the water depth in the harbor. When this happens, you’ll need to contact our dredging contractors as soon as possible. We specialize in mechanical dredging. This means that we use heavy dredging equipment to literally scoop the muck out of lakes.

If you don’t go through the dredging process, eventually it will be hard for boats to enter the harbor safely (or at all) without scraping the bottom. You’ll especially want to invest in periodic dredging if large boats need to use the harbor. Large boats not only drag in more sand, but require deeper waters.

Protect Wildlife

It’s hard for wildlife to flourish when their water supply dwindles to nothing. To keep the water depth you have in your lake, you’ll need to schedule the occasional sand dredging. That way, you won’t have to worry about wildlife being displaced by beach erosion and decreased water levels.

Protect Native Plants

Are invasive species crowding out native plants? The main reason why invasive plants are so hard to remove is because they often thrive in nutrient-rich environments caused by fertilizer run off. While fertilizer is great for keeping our lawns and golf courses green, they also encourage invasive aquatic plants and algae to grow.

We provide services for lake muck removal so you can keep waterways clear and give native plants a chance to reclaim territory. Since dredged material is rich in nutrients, you can use them to create top soil. For the best results, the silt from lake dredging is mixed with clay and sand to create topsoil for landscaping. The federal government requires we have a permit to dump sediment, which means you can trust us to be conscious of environmental impact.

Attract Summer Tourists

Every summer, the beach attracts tourists from all over. If the local economy depends on tourism, it’s important that you schedule dredging. Our dredging contractors will be able to inspect your private or municipal property to determine whether lake dredging is needed.

Have questions for our Bainbridge dredging contractors? Feel free to call our office in Bainbridge so you know what to expect from the dredging process. To request an estimate for lake dredging, call McCullough Excavating & Silt Removal at (765) 386-6514.